[Press Release] Breath of Fire III Remastered Tracks Breathes New Life Into Fan-Favorite RPG

SEATTLE - October 2, 2017 - Materia Collective is pleased to present Breath of Fire III (Remastered Tracks), a classy tribute album by arranger Sean Schafianski celebrating the music from Capcom's 1997 PlayStation-era RPG composed by Yoshino Aoki and Akari Kaida. Schafianski breathes new life into the jazzy soundtrack, featuring live performers throughout and hitting all of the key themes from the game, including a new recording of the ending vocal theme, "Pure Again" by vocalist Mikutan. Breath of Fire III (Remastered Tracks)is fully licensed and available now:

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Breath of Fire III (Remastered Tracks) on iTunes

Breath of Fire III (Remastered Tracks) on Spotify

"As with many of my previous remastered albums, I strive to keep the essence of the original tracks while adding a bit of flair," comments Schafianski. "For this album, I went a little bit further with creative liberties, but not too far. A flute solo here, change of texture there, and so on. It was an honor and a privilege to work with fellow Materia Collective musicians, and a couple artists I had never worked with before! This album holds a very special place in my heart, as it is one of the first PlayStation RPGs that I played as a child, and the jazzy, upbeat soundtrack stuck with me ever since. I hope that listeners will feel the same energy, joy, and nostalgia that I did while revisiting this amazing soundtrack."

Breath of Fire III (Remastered Tracks) includes several battle themes, from the playful "Fight!" to the epic finale titled "Self-Determination," alongside the serene "Cedar Woods," the jazzy overworld "To a Distant Place," which features composer Wilbert Roget II on woodwinds, and the aforementioned "Pure Again." 

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