Mixing and Editing

Having your music mixed by an experienced engineer can make all the difference. Your tracks will sound their best and will stand out. Best of all, all your tracks will be ready for distribution to all major storefronts like iTunes (Apple Music) and Spotify.


Complete Mixing

  • This service starts from the ground up; no prior editing or processing has been done to the original track.

  • $30 per hour +$10 per song fee

  • Mastering available for an additional charge

  • Flexible flat rates available - send me a message!

touch up.png

Touch-Up Mixing

  • Your mix is already in a good spot and you just need another set of ears for tweaking

  • $10 per song, $20 with mastering


Audio Restoration and Editing

  • Increases the quality of previously recorded audio

  • Get rid of background noise, plosives, and essing

  • Per album and per track rates apply (see mastering page)