In addition to mixing, I also provide mastering services! This step in the production process is pivotal - this makes sure that your music sounds great and consistent across many different listening platforms, be it studio monitors or car speakers.



Above are some samples of my mixing and mastering work - mainly from within the video game music community. I’ve worked on my own tracks as well as several commercially released albums. I’ll be updating this playlist consistently so there will always be more samples to listen to!

See below for mastering pricing

album mastering.jpeg

Album Mastering

  • Service for full 12+ track albums

  • Includes 24-bit 48khz WAV and 320kbps MP3 files

  • Delivered via Google Drive or Dropbox

  • STANDARD (7-14 days) - $250

  • RUSH (3-5 days) - $400

per track.jpeg

Per Track Mastering

  • Service for singles or 2-11 track EPs

  • $5 charge for tracks over 5 minutes

  • Delivered via Google Drive or Dropbox

  • STANDARD (7-14 days) - $20 per track

  • RUSH (3-5 days) - $35 per track